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Our firm was founded by Mr. José Pedro Damiani in 1949, a well-known man in areas such as business, politics and finance, both nationally and internationally. We are a boutique company, made up by different firms which cover tax and legal consultancy, financial advice and real estate development.

Our firm abides to the highest ethical standards which govern all our professional activities.



We have a deep knowledge and respect for the legal and commercial regulatory framework, and offer beneficial solutions to our clients and community.


We have strict internal procedures which are put into practice since the beginning of the professional relationship. This requires us to maintain a thorough knowledge of clients and operations which allows us to act with due diligence, ensuring transparency in our relationship with them.


Our firm takes prudent and reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of all information related to our clients. All professional activity is subject to professional secrecy.

Service Excellence

Our clients are the main purpose of our business, our raison d'être. Our staff works with strict discipline, transparency and integrity to satisfy our clients´ needs, establishing a relationship based on respect, aiming to boost their personal and corporate development.