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DDC is a real estate development born in 2008 with the aim of making top quality real estate developments focused mainly on the Premium sector.

It is made up by professionals that work at Damiani firm, and has worked in partnership with major architectural firms creating unique and excellent projects.

We work in two main business areas, Integral Development and Landbanking.

Integral Developments

It covers the execution and development of a project in all its stages. Starting with the choice of the land and shaping of the project, and continuing with the structuring, execution, marketing and sale of the project. It also provides for connections with real estate agencies.

We have already developed the urbanization of Lagos Isla Este and Isla Oeste, Parada 39 buliding, and we are currently developing Lagos Isla Sur.


We have worked on identifying and purchasing lands for potential real estate developments, creating a portfolio with some of the most important landmarks of Montevideo.

We focus on projects that best suit the market´s reality, which will later be executed in partnership with other real estate companies.
We make special emphasis on Carrasco Chico (ex Hebraica Macabi - Carrasco), Art-Rambla (ex Hotel Riviera) and Torre Buceo (ex warehouse of Cristalerías del Uruguay).

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